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Week 2 Of The CilAcademy Program: Behind The Deadline


Hi, welcome once again to todays post. Like I mentioned in the last post about being accepted into the CilAcademy Internship program. You would remember I have given the update from our 5-day internship induction week and how it all went down. Well, I made it in to the full CilAcademy program proper. It has been a mixture of excitement and curiosity sprinkled with a bit of concern for my time management skill. In the midst of that it is will a heavy heart I announce to you friend “I started on a pretty bad note”. Read on to know why.

the beginning of my learning

So, the internship started proper from Monday 20th of February. I feel a little late just putting this here at a later date. Apologies though, it has been election week at my home country, and I have been active in studying my preferred candidate to elect. Add that to the keeping up with work deadline and the newly added deadlines for project submission in the CilAcademy bootcamp.

my credentials and the deadline email

That being said, the learning started after having my log in credentials to the CilAcademy internship Learning Management System (LMS). The credentials were delivered to my email box. Cool! Then the academy team also added us to another Slack channel for the qualified. And, quick follow up email too was delivered to inform me (and other participants) of the submission deadline of our first project is Monday 2th of February. That is barely a week to cover about 10-12 hours content of courses and modules.

Curously Logged In to lms

Now that I got my login, I headed straight to the LMS portal. In there, I found the study path I enrolled, though there was an option for me to combine other study path. I choose to stick with my Cloud Engineer path.

The course for the week and assignments were well laid out. Also, the instructions and objectives of each courses, and modules are straight forward and comprehensive.

topics in my dashboard

We (I and other learners) are expected to cover topics on Basic Javascript, Networking, HTML and CSS, Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Source Control, Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, Operating Systems and, Working with Bash & PowerShell, and SDLC, Waterfall, Agile & Scrum.

Now my story behind missing the deadline

I have been able to cover 90% of the courses listed. I am still left with the SDLC, Waterfall, Agile and Scrum course. Nonetheless, as at this writing, I am very behind on the submission for the assignment. This is actually not an intentional miss. One for the fact that I also work a full time role as a Cloud Engineer for Fusion Intelligence, and the last I checked, Kolade (my CEO) still expects my unit’s deliverables intact especially as a team lead.

Also, it’s the election season in my home country and I have been mindfully following up with my preferred candidate during the collation. Also, coupled with the part of keeping oxla.io fresh with new contents. This is the point I wish I have 48 hours to make a day. So, except I will need an helpmate, I will have to figure things out myself for now in the CilAcademy program. However, I foresee the following weeks will be much better as I work on balancing my time allotment for each activities.

Mama I learnt something new!!!

In the midst of all the bussling, the consoling truth is I have learnt some vital knowledge from the other courses. Some of the topics are not totally new to me, however, I got a better insight to them. Let’s start

In Basic JavaScript

I understand the placement of JavaScript is in the body of the HTML tag. Also, the Document Object Model (DOM) can be used to change the document structure, style, and content. Javascript Math.round() function is used to round decimal numbers.

In Networking

I learnt the concept of Domain Name, Domain Name System, Internet protocol IP address, and general concept of computer networking work. I understand a Switch is an hardware with ports that helps devices to connect and distribute data between each other, while a router is a physical device that allows a local network communicate to the internet, and also distributes same network within the local network.

IDE and source control

Furthermore, the IDE and source control course dwells expansively on the need to have a IDE. The IDE is a dedicated text editor with its environment suitable for programming languages. Some of the popular IDE we have include IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio Code, Sublime, Eclipse. Source control and version control system aids programmers to be able to save their project changes, track such changes, and commits the changes to a remote repository. Git is a version control system client that is installed on my local system as a programmer. GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps are remote source code management and enable collaboration between multiple developers or teams.

OSI Model

OSI Model in its basic function are universal set of rules and requirements that support interoperability between different products and software.

Operating Systems and, Working with Bash & PowerShell

The Cloud Engineer and programmers in general issue some sets of commands to machines. This is because the machines have no graphical display. These machines run on Operating System (OS). The 3 popular OS are Linux, iIndows and Mac. The utility or tools used to issue the commands is dependent on the OS of the machine. The Linux uses Linux Bash, Windows use PowerShell, and Mac use Terminal. Some basic commands includes ls- list a directory content, mkdir- creates a directory, touch- creates a file, etc.


Looking at the first week, the CilAcademy Internship program is no doubt going to be an intense one. I need to get on my a game. Like I mentioned, there is still one course left for me to cover, and if you would allow me, I will end this post here and get on the course contents.

See you in the next update.






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