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My Experience In The CilAcademy 6 Months Internship Program.


This will be the first step in the proverbial journey of a thousand miles. A journey into the CilAcademy Internship program; safe to say CilAcademy Bootcamp!


As the saying goes, a man begins to die the day he stops learning. So, if that is true, it means learning never stops irrespective of circumstances. It was in this spirit of learning that , I was mindfully lurking around LinkedIn checking out post from some of my favorite connections when I stumbled on this CilAcademy Internship program for Cloud and Data Engineers advertisements (Cil is an accronym for Cecure Intelligence Limited).

The CilAcademy internship according to this advert is a bootcamp that promises to take applicants from Zero to Techie of any of the two learning path, and it also mentioned recommending or retaining some of the best brains to some good job deals.


Hmmm…that sounds like what every bootcamp will want to put out there as the click bait, however, a cusory look at the listed topics convinced me this might just be a worhty experience.

CilAcademy lists some of the most popular AWS services and mention the likelihood of giving discounted vouchers to take the any of the cloud service providers’ certification. Okay!!! That’s some serious stuff right there.


I am not a big fan of enrolling for every bootcamp or internships out there, I finally enrolled for the CilAcademy Internship program. It’s been a couple of days after registering, the moderators already started the onboarding ritual for the Cohort.

This happen to be the 5th cohort of this internship program. About 3,000 other interns, in the slack channel, and a number of correspondence been sent regarding the induction classes scheduled to kick off on the 13th of February,2023.

Again, I thought, “would this be another of those internship programs out there”? After getting the accountability oriented schedule for the 5-day two sessions per day induction session, I feel a more optimistic this will be a good one. The lineup of the seasoned speakers from leading cloud service providers including AWS, GCP and Azure. The richness of the topics, and activities that will be discussed during the induction. They caused my adrenaline to pump.


So, I considered it a good idea to make a documentation of this new journey. More importantly to share even if in little measure the lessons from the program. Also have a sore of progress tracker. Good Cloud Computing programs can be demanding to learn, especially when you have to keep up with a blog documentation, I will make good effort to keep you up to date as the events unfold.

Although, this will not be an entirely territory for me. I can bank on past and present experience with cloud technologies. This should make a much fun-adventure for me.

I’ll commend Cecure Intelligence Limited’s effort at bringing out more individuals out of joblessness and poverty, empowering the minds by passing the Cloud and Data Engineer skill on.

Look out for my next report on the induction classes.






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