How To Grow Your Tech Project Portfolio In 4 Steps


This isn’t just another guide; it’s a roadmap to elevating your profile in the tech sphere. In the fast-paced realm of technology, building a robust project portfolio is not just a feather in your cap, it’s a strategic move that propels your career forward. In this digital age where innovation reigns supreme, showcasing your technical prowess and versatility is paramount. Therefore, I will show you how 10x my chances of getting a recruiter’s call using the 4 steps I discussed here on how to build and grow your tech project portfolio

Use the Docker registry to store your projects:

Let’s start with one of the low-hanging fruits of how to grow your tech project portfolio in 4 steps. I leveraged the Docker Registry to centralize and share my built containerized applications. A way to showcase my proficiency in creating portable and scalable solutions. This strategic move highlights my technical skills and underlines my understanding of vital cloud technologies.

Use documentation to prove your thought process:

In the cloud industry, documentation is key. I not only do this to build my portfolio, but to date, I keep documenting every one of my processes to show my line of thought when implementing the solution. I have a dedicated GitHub repository solely for my documentation. I am well prepared for any documentation questions the recruiter might have with evidence. This demonstrates my technical prowess and effective communication skills—which are essential in collaborative cloud environments. See here

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Use GitHub to store your IAC code:

The Cloud world is better with infrastructure as code tools. Not only should you use this to maintain consistency for cloud services, but you should also explore these tech tools to showcase your expertise to understand codes as you grow your project portfolio. Store the codes that you write in GitHub. Again, just like my documentation, I have a full organization dedicated to my publicly accessible terraform codes. See here.
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List the tools and services you used on your LinkedIn:

I cannot emphasize just enough how effective LinkedIn can be in helping you grow your tech project portfolio among all 4 steps. I have been reached out to by recruiters just about the same time I added some services to my profile on LinkedIn. You should enhance your LinkedIn profile by listing specific tools, cloud platforms, and languages used. It improves discoverability and also provides a quick snapshot of your expertise, making your profile more appealing to recruiters and collaborators. Treat your profile as a living document. You can use my LinkedIn profile as a template to build yours too.

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In addition, you can make a ReadMe in your GitHub account that talks about your exploits. Here is a link to create one. You can also check out my GitHub profile here. I have seen it work for folks. It is a powerful profile builder to give those who visit your GitHub page a good first impression.

I hope this post has helped you unlock the doors to success, one Docker Registry, GitHub repository, and LinkedIn profile at a time to build and grow your winning tech project portfolio. Go on and implement all I mentioned and come back to this post to share your amazing results.

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