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The Internet Protocol (IP) Address Explained In The Easy Way

Internet Protocol (ip) Adress: the student’s roll number

In the computer networking post, I mentioned protocol is a set of rules that defines how data moves within a network. I briefly mentioned internet protocol (IP) address. In this post, we will discuss in detail the Internet Protocol and the Internet Protocol address.

internet protocol

Internet Protocol (IP) is one of the most used and popular protocol. The IP is also a set of rule that governs the type of information or data that travels of over the internet or local network. It stands to identify logical location of the source and destination of the information sent. This location is usually identified by some set of unique numbers.


These logical numbers are referred to as INTERNET PROTOCOL (IP) ADDRESS. It is important to mention that the IP address of each device are specific to that device in that network for that particular connection. The Internet protocol (IP) address is not permanent however for any device (even a static IP address can be reassigned). Simply put, the IP address helps with network interface identification and location addressing. Therefore, the IP address is the tracker that ensures the devices is a authorized member of the computer network to receive any information within that network. Thinks of this as set of student given a roll number to identify individually in a school system.

The Private and Public IPs

There are two type of IP address. The IPv4 address with is about 3 billion in circulation. The IPv6 address with about 10 undezillion address. The IPv4 is a legacy address which is threatened by a possibility of going into extinct any moment. While the IPv6 came to provide us IP address in well abundance. IPv6 consists of alphanumeric number to the tune of 128 bits, more than IPv4 numbers only 32 bits. The IP address of a network device can either be public or private.

The public IP address

The public IP address is usually accessible to other networks over the internet. These address is suitable for devices such a servers, computer devices, etc, that are generally accessible to users on the internet.

The private IP address

The private IP address in not accessible over the internet except through a Network Address Translation (NAT) device. Private IP addresses are suitable for services that keeps sensitive information such as database. they stay away from the preying eyes of the public internet users.


This address does not change once assigned to a device. The only condition however to remove or change it is to ‘decommission’ or detach it from the device it has been assigned. Therefore, the static IP address are best for use case where you need your IP to remain the same even after the network session elapse. Static IP are generally used by servers, network admin, database etc. As a general rule, static IP addresses are used to configure DNS records. You can request for a static IP address from the Internet Service Provider. Also, you will get a static IP address for a premium from your ISP.


Unlike the static IP address, the dynamic address is the default kind of IP address that comes with every device. This means, it changes for the device after each network session. Depending of the session, the IP address change can be within few minutes or after long hours. Each address used is from a large pool of IP address purchased and managed by the Internet Service Provider. For each of the address used, it is returned back into the pool and assigned to another device. The dynamic IP address is usually free and by so, you will not be charged for their use.


If you plan to host your application on a general web hosting platform, you should be informed about the type of IP address that will be assigned to your. The shared IP address as the name implies assign one IP to be used by multiple customers. This is because the website will be hosted together with other websites in one server. While that may be a good practice to saving cost, it might also pose potential security and availability treat to your website. Therefore, most expert advice you go for a dedicated IP when hosting your website.

dedicated ip address

Unlike the Shared IP for the Shared hosting plan, the dedicated IP is assigned to your website alone. This means, your website is hosted on a different server by your web hosting provider. Your are assigned your own resourced including a dedicated IP address. With this, you can host your own SSL certificates much easier. An organization that have a dedicated IP address, like the Static address can have it used amongst multiple team members. You can also have your own File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

how to know you ip address

There are various methods to know your device internet protocol (IP) address. Some are sophiticated, and some are just very basic. In any way, the easiest way to know your IP is by heading to google search engine and typing “what is my IP address” in the search bar.

Other ways include:

Utility tools like: NMAP, Zenmap
Online services: site24x7, what is my ipaddress, ip location

how to protect your Internet Protocol ip address

This article will not be complete if you do not know how to protect your IP address. The IP address is the core identifier of your device on the global network of internet. Therefore, a compromise of your IP address will give the unauthorized access to your device and vital information inside, the can include your files, images, or security credentials. You could even be stalked online with your IP address. Also, For this reason, it is important to secure your device IP address, especially if you use a static IP address.

One of the popular way use a Virtual Private Network.
The VPN will mask your IP address with some dynamic set of public IP address. It then displays your IP in different address across various sessions when it is being “dig”. Though reliable, a critical probe can still reveal your IP address to an determined hacker.

Another way is to use a proxy DNS service provider. A domain name management company like cloudflare provides a proxy service for your IP address when you setup DNS records with them. The proxy enables your IP address take the IP address of your DNS provider Name Servers. The Name Server IP then acts as an intermediary between your own IP address and the public traffic coming from the internet to your URL. This is one of the most secure way to protect your IP address as it is not exposed to the internet through all the network session.


The topic of Internet Protocol (IP) address can be intimidating due to the buzz it creates in the IT industry. However, like I said, it is a buzz and I truly believe now you are more confident talking about the Internet Protocol more than before. More importantly, you can apply the concepts to acquire an IP address, and also to secure your IP address. Also, do not forget to always lookout for the type of IP hosting when you are seeking the service of a webhosting company. A shared hosting is less expensive but poses more security and availability concerns, while, a dynamic IP hosting is more expensive, however, it is more secure with higher availability for your website.






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