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Quick Tips On How To Ace Remote Technical Interview


It is no news that tech companies strive to get the best brains for their business. That is why the recruitment process can be so daunting. The technical interview stage of the recruitment process can be intimidating both for new or experienced Cloud Engineers. And to ace the technical interview, you need some laser focused preparation. Some technical interview will aim to know how you think and throw in some manipulative questions. However, keep calm, read through over again, and you will be fine. We will discuss some of the areas to check when preparing for any remote job technical interview.

So, if you’re preparing for a technical interview for a remote company, here are some tips for success.

Understand the company and its tech stack.

The top on the tip of the leader to ace any remote technical interview is to learn about the company’s products, services and technology. Get as much information about the business that you can. Platforms like Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, LinkedIn can provide you valuable information about a companies including salary range for the role. Use search engines like google and bing to learn from other peoples experience. This will help you tailor your preparation to their specific needs and show your interest in their work.

Review the job description and requirements
Review the job description on of the interview

If you must ace any technical interview, you should also pay close attention to the skills and qualifications listed in the job description. Build a solid foundation in these areas and brush up on topics you’re unsure of.

Practice coding and problem solving.
Show your problem solving skills in the technical interview
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Remote technical interview often includes coding exercises and problem-solving challenges, and to ace them, you need to practice solving similar problems using programming languages ​​and tools relevant to the role you are applying to. You can improve your skills with coding platforms such as LeetCode, HackerRank, and CodeSignal.

Familiarize yourself with remote collaboration tools.
Know remote collaboration tools to ace the technical interview
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Since you are applying for a remote position, it is important that you are familiar with collaboration tools such as Slack, Zoom, Atlassian Jira, Linear, and other project management systems. Practice understanding their functions and using them effectively.

Review basic concepts.
Review basic technical concepts before the interview
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Refresh basic computer science concepts such as algorithms, data structures, system design principles, internet networking, and database management. This will help you tackle technical issues on a solid footing.

Work on a real project:
apply practical knowlege to ace interview
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The technical interviewer wants to know how you can solve real life problems. You should demonstrate hands-on experience working on any projects that relates to the role you are applying for. This may include developing and deploying applications, contributing to open source projects, or creating personal projects that highlight your skills. You can also have a portfolio on GitHub where you can save some of those projects as a point of reference. Trust me, you are on your way to ace the technical interview once you can show practical experience.

Mock interviews and code reviews:
Ask friends to review your code and take mock interview

One very important tip to ace any technical interview is to practice doing technical interviews and code reviews with friends, colleagues, and mentors. Ask them for feedback and write code based on suggestions. This will help you to improve on your problem-solving skills and code quality.

Stay calm and plan your time.
Stay calm during the interview
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Like I said earlier, technical interview can be intimidating, however, being in control of your emotions is very important at this point. Ensure to read the instructions carefully. Also, plan your time effectively during the test. Don’t panic when you encounter difficult problems. Even if you can’t fully solve the problem, break it down, reason, and clearly communicate your approach.


As I conclude this post, we have highlighted some tips on how to ace technical interview. In summary, always remember to be yourself, show your passion for the subject matter, and communicate effectively throughout the process. Good luck with your technical exam! 






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