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How Intense is The 6 Months Cil Academy Internship?


Do you still remember my sweet post about my journey into the intensive Cil Academy internship program couple of months ago. Yea, that one internship that looks promising with quite some juicy offer? In case you are lost, read about it here.

Also recall I gave an update on the second week of the program, and how I narrowly escaped the deadline.

Well, holding on hope on the good Easter Monday celebration when I got the fine looking email from the organizers. I have been dropped from the program!

REASON for the drop out

According to the email, I could not meet up with the deadline to submit the projects and assignments of module 3. Good life, I would not have thought that the week 2 post would be the last of the updates on my progress in the program.

The past few weeks have been an interesting one. I struggled to keep up with the pace of the program. Some of the learning materials ranged between 15 minutes to 6 hours of YouTube contents per lesson. In addition to some assignment and projects that could take anoter 2 hours to complete.

Truth, we were told during the Cil Academy induction that it is a very intensive program. It was becoming overwhelming especially as I combined it with my other professional engagements.

While I am not proud of being an bootcamp dropout, I definitely am satisfied with the knowledge I gained in the few weeks I spent in the program.

what next after the drop out?

And now that there is no more bootcamp projects and assignment to worry about, I am putting more focus on learning more AWS Services many of which I will be putting out on this blog as I go along. See how to deploy a static website using S3 and CloudFront and Elastic Beanstalk managed service.

Recently, I got my completion certificate for the Andela Google Africa Developers Scholarship program. I already work with Google Cloud which I will continue to do. Also, I have my Java/SpringBoot lessons whose time I allotted to the intensive Cil Academy bootcamp. I guess it is wise to reallot the time back to SpringBoot. On SpringBoot, I want to be a well rounded Cloud Engineer and DevOps, and that informed my interest in SpringBoot especially tending towards serverless. But that is a discussion for another day. In order of prioriy, my job, AWS services, SpringBoot, and others.

Signing oUt

Hey, I give kudos to Cil Academy for putting out such a great and intensive program. I am positive it is to bring out the best from the best. Also, I appreciate them for still sending me the vouchers to purchase any of the AWS Certification at a reasonable discount. I hope to put that to use before its expiration.

Goodluck to those still in the very intensive and competitive Cil Academy program. And my advise to you who want to apply in the next cohort, make sure you have enough spare time to follow the academy activities. Cheers to a brighter future.






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